Delicious Beginnings

Hello World…

It seems fitting that my first words (as a blogger) should be “Hello World.”  As a computer science student, these are your first words in every new language.  And what is blogging but another channel of communication?   WordPress has kindly suggested topics for a first blog post and for now I’ll follow their advice, seeing as how I’m already taking awkward first steps.

This blog will have: glossy pictures of food, painstakingly detailed knitting posts, ramblings about yarn, narratives about college life (from a brand spankin’ new apartment), and some miscellaneous thoughts for good measure.

Some things about myself:  I love knitting.  I love music.  I love Wes Anderson.  In college, I study computer science and piano performance.  I have a fantastic (Mr. Fox) boyfriend who may make rogue posts from time to time.


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